Drivetrain Upgrades

Engine Swaps

LS Motors

If you’re thinking about an engine upgrade, the most popular choice, especially for GM vehicle is the LS motor.  Why is it so popular?

  • There is an abundance of them out there making them affordable.  GM also produces crate LS engines as well as Cruise & Connect packages that include transmission and wiring.
  • They are capable of producing high horsepower.
  • They are durable and can last several hundred thousand miles.
  • LS engines come in a variety of displacements from 4.8 up to 7.4.
  • The aftermarket has embraced them.  You can purchase just about anything for a LS engine.
  • LS engines are compact and will fit into tight spaces.  They are reasonably light weight.

Buying the engine doesn’t get you all that is needed.  You will need an oil pan, motor mounts, exhaust manifolds, pulley drive system, wiring harness intake manifold, fuel pump, fuel lines, pressure regulator, ecu, radiator and more.

We love the LS swap option as it takes your older car/truck, eliminates the carburetor for fuel injection, gives you more horsepower and makes your vehicle more reliable.  It can be painted and detailed to give it an original look.    

Coyote Motors

For Ford’s, the Coyote is an excellent choice to upgrade your drivetrain.

This swap is a little more costly than the LS and can be challenging fitting into smaller spaces due to the dual overhead cam design. 

If you plan on squeezing this motor into a Falcon or Mustang with the high mounted shock towers, you will likely need to change to a Mustang II style front suspension to gain the extra room needed. Motor mounts, oil pan, pulley drive system, wiring harness, fuel pump, radiator are some of the additional parts you will need. 

Ford offers a great crate program.