Lift Kits

All About Lifting

Well, yeah, we specialize in custom cars and trucks, mostly vintage, but before I sold Chux Trux, we installed over 15000 lift kits so many of my long time customers are still asking us to lift a truck for them.

If you have a truck you want leveled or lifted and need someone you can count on to do it correctly, give us a shout.  

We use quality kits like Rancho, Superlift, Rough Country, Readylift, Fabtech, JKS, Pro Comp, Zone Off Road and more.  Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, Ram, Jeep, Jeep again, Toyota or whatever you drive, we can help.

High Quality Installations at a Fair Price

  • We torque bolts to the torque specs provided, not just “impact” them as tight as they will go
  • We address your speedometer so it reads accurately which will also correct your shift points
  • We mark each bolt as we torque to be sure we don’t miss any
  • We address any rubbing issues
  • We test drive to catch any potential problems before you pick it up
  • We focus on ride quality


There are several shops that will complete your lift kit in a single day.  The problem with that is it doesn’t allow you the extra time to address the details.  We may take a few days, but our goal is a great driving problem free truck when you take delivery.

Defco Trucks

If you’re looking for a unique lifted truck that drives amazing, runs 43” tires and capable of towing almost anything, check out our line of Defco Trucks