Handling (cornering) packages

What does a handling package consist of and what will it do for me?

The easy answer is ride quality and the ability to corner at speed.  If you like the way a sports car drives or you want to take your ride on the Goodguys Autocross track, improving the handling is a must.

Necessary components

  • Front and rear sway bars.  These will act as torsion bars when cornering.  Without them, you will get body roll where the car/truck wants to lean over when cornering.  The lean unloads the inside tires.  The sway bars limit the amount by connecting the suspension to the chassis.
  • Front and rear springs.  Vehicles handle better with a lower center of gravity.  Lowering springs or air springs from reputable manufacturers with the correct spring rate will enhance your ride quality while helping with cornering.
  • Front and rear shocks.  Shock absorbers dampen both the compression and rebound of the spring which in turn keeps the tire flat on the road, improves ride quality, cornering and braking distance.
  • Tires and wheels.  Wider, softer tires have a better grip on the road.  Tires needs to be matched to the recommended wheel width for the tread width on the tire. 

Improved Drivability

Most classic cars and trucks were not made with handling in mind.  They were heavy, underpowered with no sway bars and skinny tires.  

Manufacturers like Hotchkis and Ridetech build packages that will make a world of difference in drivability.

Autocross Track
Importance of center of gravity