Wheels and Tires

Choosing the Right Wheels

There are 3 critical things you must get right when building a custom car or truck.

  1. Paint color or scheme (even patina has to be right)
  2. Stance
  3. Wheel/tire combo

Wheels and tires can make or break your look and you can totally change the look by changing wheels.

Things to consider when choosing wheels

  • What look are you going for?  More modern or more vintage?
  • Does your choice of wheel fit with the type of vehicle you have?
  • Does a shiny wheel fit for the look you want or would you rather have a muted wheel such as charcoal, black, silver or bronze
  • What diameter wheels to use.  Do you want them all the same size, wider in the rear, staggered front to rear?
  • If you have disc brakes, you have to consider whether the wheels will clear the calipers

Types of wheels

And Then There’s Tires…

  • What overall diameter tire do you want both front and rear?
  • If you’re going vintage, do you want whitewalls, white letters or maybe redline or goldline?
  • If you’re going to stagger, can you get matching front and rear?
  • Does the width of the tire match the width of the wheel?

Here’s how we can help.  The first step in choosing wheels/tires should be measuring what you have to determine what width and backspace will best fit.  We use a tool that simulates the wheel and can be moved in and out to get the best fit (as seen in the image).

After discussing the overall look, we will guide you on what wheels will fit your vision and come in the correct sizes.

We can then recommend tire sizes to match.  Our fee for this service is $199 (takes about 3 hours to get this done).