General Repairs

Maybe your hot rod, street rod, muscle car, restomod, pro touring or restoration doesn’t need upgrading, just some fine tuning.  Most repair shops specialize in later model vehicles for good reason.  First, they have done most of those repairs many times and have gotten faster at them.  Second, they have data on how long a repair should take and their techs are paid based on that time, whether it takes that long or not (flag time).  

When it comes to classics, there isn’t much reference material to estimate time.  Also, many of their techs were not even born when the vehicle was introduced.  Their knowledge of those vehicles is limited.  Unlike later model vehicles, there is no OBD II port to plug into to diagnose.

At Bratt Brothers, we like to repair them just as we like to upgrade them.  Below are some of our most popular repairs.

If you don’t see your issue on the list, please ask.  Chances are we can fix it. 

General Drivability

This can be many things. Although they don’t drive like brand new vehicles, they should drive well.

Suspension & Handling

Unless it’s been totally rebuilt, odds are some suspension pieces aren’t as tight as they should be.

Cooling System Problems

When it’s hot outside, you’re watching that temp gauge non-stop. Could be a bad part or time to upgrade


Even drum brakes should stop reasonably well. If they don’t, something isn’t working right.

Hard starting

So frustrating when they won’t start. Could be a fuel, ignition or some other electrical problem

Power Equipment

Old motors cause the windows to go up and down slowly. If they don’t work at all, could be the switch is bad.

Electrical Problems

Such as batteries that won’t stay charged. All older vehicles could use a battery disconnect switch and battery tender.

New Tires

Tires are not supposed to be used once they are 10 years old.


Maybe they just need repacking but we find many older vehicles have bad wheel bearings

Fuel systems

Classic cars need fine-tuning. This can cause hard starting, rough idling, etc.

Power steering

Don’t feel alone if yours leaks. It can be repaired or upgraded.


Chances are you won’t be driving your classic when the weather is bad. We can winterize so it’s ready to go in sprint time.