Fuel Systems

Why Switch to Fuel Injection?

Consistency.  Not that carburetors don’t work well, they do.  But not always.  Whether it’s dirt, weather change or some other factor, they can sputter and be difficult to start.

Fuel injection isn’t as sensitive.  You don’t need to pump the gas pedal to get it going.  Most aftermarket units are equipped with self-tuning and learning.  They are electronically controlled by their own stand alone ECU.  Companies like Holley,  FITech, Edelbrock and FAST produce bolt on kits. There are many versions and your choice somewhat depends on the amount of horsepower your motor produces.

Throttle body systems

These systems resemble a carburetor in looks and many are compatible with your existing intake.

Ram style

Designed for small and big block GM. Resembles the GM Ramjet units.

Stack injection

Hard to beat this look. Resembles the old Weber downdraft carbs but with all the advantages of injection.

Electric Pumps

You’re not quite done just purchasing the injection. Fuel injection runs a higher pressure than a carburetor. You will need an electric pump, preferably mounted in the tank but you can go external as well. New fuel lines, filter and pressure regulator as well.

Now if you go with the crate motor swap, you get the OE injection and don’t need to buy an aftermarket setup.