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Comprehensive Full Build Services in Grandview Near Kansas City MO: Custom Builds by Bratt Brothers

A full build, also known as a ground-up build, is a service provided by a custom automotive shop, where the entire vehicle is built from scratch, starting with a bare frame or chassis. Customers who desire a vehicle that is entirely distinct and tailored to their particular requirements and preferences usually seek out this service.

A full-build project typically begins with a consultation with the customer to determine their vision for the vehicle. The custom automobile business will next collaborate with the customer to develop a design plan that suits their demands and preferences, such as vehicle type, engine size, gearbox, suspension, brakes, and other components.

Bratt Brothers will commence the vehicle construction process from the ground up, starting with the frame or chassis, once the design plan is settled. They will then add the engine, tranny, brakes, suspension, and other components, often customizing each component to fit the customer’s specific requirements.

Throughout the construction phase, the customer will be able to work directly with Bratt Brothers to make any required revisions or modifications to the original plan. The purpose is to guarantee that the final vehicle satisfies the expectations and specifications of the client.
After the project is finished, it’s common for the customer to take ownership of the vehicle and start experiencing their unique and personalized ride.

The cost of a complete build might vary greatly based on the project’s complexity and the exact components and features incorporated. However, it is frequently seen as a high-end service that needs a significant time and money investment.